Manage Employee Data

You need the right tools to organize, staff, and pay your workforce. From planning your workforce budget and staffing strategies to managing retired workers, BLU's Human Resource Management helps you effectively handle a global workforce. From hiring employees to analyzing your workforce, BLU helps you manage the processes.

Manage Payroll: Motivate, Reward and Retain

With BLUHCM Compensation Management, you can design, manage, and adjust compensation programs to meet complex global rewards requirements or create and manage flexible employee compensation plans.

Define and Manage Your Absence Plans

BLUHCM's Absence Management allows organizations to define, manage, and gain a complete view of a worker's absences -whether it's accrued time off, vacation and sick plans, or defined leaves of absence.

Intuitive Self-Service

Employees, managers, and business leaders all find BLU's applications easy to use, and so do C-level executives and administrators. BLUHCM offers self-service actions on a browser and, for no additional cost, on mobile devices.

Performance Management: Optimize Your Workforce

BLUHCM's Performance Management allows organizations to align and manage global talent from a single system without the added burden and cost of a separate talent solution.

Project and Costing: Plan, Staff, Monitor, Analyze

BLU's Project and Costing Management allows companies to focus on all of the critical components that make a company successful: people, resources and work. By bringing together all of these elements into a unified suite of enterprise applications.