About us

Bluapex Technologies has been advancing information technology through research in software and services, and providing leadership by delivering innovations to our customers. With locations in Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad, the lab is focused on a wide array of projects in exploratory and applied research.

Bluapex Technologies has emerged as a premier research lab in the region with an impressive list of achievements, including innovations in service delivery such as customer analytics, workforce management and delivery management.

The "Bluapex Experience" is the combination of everything that's unique about Bluapex: our culture, our core values, our company meetings, our Development process, our commitment to sustainability, our recognition programs, but most importantly, it's our people.


Rashmita Mohanty

Entrepreneur & Optimist

Biswajita Prusty

Chief Financial Officer

Sonam Agarwal

Apps Expert

Jagnyaseni Swain

Customer Relationship Manager

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