Oracle Technologies

Oracle Technology is one of the biggest community of developers. We at BLUAPEX are seasoned professionals with an average experience of 9-10 years in Oracle and related Technologies. Most of our work is related to Oracle APEX, ADF and webservices now. However our innovation does not stop at that; our technicians keep on exploring new technologies and finding a way to help our customers.

Open Source

As most of our products relate to Cloud and Internet technology, we use a lot of Open source technologies to make that easier to develop and maintain. The open-source model includes the concept of concurrent yet different agendas and differing approaches in production, in contrast with more centralized models of development such as those typically used in other commercial software companies. A main principle and practice of open-source software development is peer production by bartering and collaboration, with the end-product, source-material, "blueprints", and documentation available at no cost to the public.

InBuilt Intelligence

Our Cloud BI platform is built to 100% modern web standards with a JavaScript/HTML5 UI and REST-based web service APIs. The BI suite can be used to analyze your business or deliver stunning interactive reports and dashboards inside your app. Our Business Intelligence system combines techniques from statistics, data mining and machine learning to find meaning from large amounts of data. Whether you're in marketing, compliance, customer service, operations or any other business unit, your data can show where you are - and predict where you're going.